Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rod Replacement Surgery - April 2010

For May is Miracles Month, I wanted to share our most recent miracle. I know an X-ray might be something weird to share but we wanted you to see how awesome our hospital is and this is a great example. Evan broke his right leg about three weeks ago while we were on a family outting. The rod that was already in place was bent and was needing to be replaced. I know you're thinking, "they can bend?" and yes, they can. The rod that was already in place was about the size of your car antenna and it has a huge job to do.

These are Fassier-Duval rods and they telescopic. These rods are designed to grow with you and their job is to keep the bone from separating if and when it breaks. Evan can tell you that they do a great job. He has one in each leg that were put in Christmas time two years ago. He had the left replaced in December 2009 and the right in April.

We've been with our surgeon, Dr. Bosch, for 6 years and he does an awesome job as you can see! The care Evan receives at UNM's Children's Hospital from the doctors and staff is outstanding. They really help to make a difficult situation easier. This hospital and their staff have been really wonderful to us. We are so thankful to the Children's Miracle Network for all they do for our hospital.