Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Champions Across America DC Trip - Day 4

Today was the big day - we went to the White House to meet the President! We walked over to the White House together was one big group. Once we made it through security, we walked into the White House. Once in the hallway, we were met by David Archuleta from American Idol Fame - my kids were so excited to meet him. They could name every kid show he's been on! He was so very sweet and he greeted every family that came through. We were able to tour the library and sitting room - we even got to used the President's elevator. Once we made our way upstairs, we toured the State Dining Room, State Ballroom, Red Room, Blue Room, Green Room and the entry Hallway - it was amazing! After we toured the White House, the Champion kids lined up on bleachers to meet the President. They had to wait a little while to see the President so David sang "Lean on Me" to the kids. We had an actual sing-a-long in the White House! The President was awesome! He let the kids ask him questions and then he sat among them for a group photo. Evan sat next to him in the group photo! He shook hands with the kids and then shook hands with the families standing by. It was so awesome that he would take time out of his day running the country to meet with these Champion Kids! After our visit to the White House, we went to the Nationals Baseball Game for our farewell party. Walmart's employees were there again and they made a tunnel for the kids to run through as they announced them. It was awesome and the kids loved it! Each kid received an award from the Children's Miracle Network. Walmart's executives made an awesome speech and a Disney executive told us about the annual Children's Miracle Network Golf Tournament and our trip there scheduled for November! Disney even brought Mickey Mouse to meet the kids! David Archuleta sang the National Anthem and Zach, Champion from Idaho, got to pitch the first ball of the game and the Nationals won the game! It was a truly awesome, unforgettable day!